Restore Backup File SQL Server 2008 Database without Using Scripts

Scripts are considered a possible way to restore backup file SQL Server 2008 database when found corrupt or damaged. But if you are keen on performing an accurate and successful restore procedure of your damaged SQL BAK file, and then there is no better solution than SQL Backup Recovery tool. It is a tool of techniques that has a backend fully enriched and packed with all the required set of algorithms to deal with any case of corruption that has affected an SQL BAK file.

To be aware of the operability of this program, you can simply download its trial version right away. This edition is available absolutely free of cost and ensures that you are given the opportunity of running the application to check out its facilities plus interface prior to purchase. This way a confident purchase can be made that result in attaining a satisfied set of users.

Meanwhile, when you are all aware of the application, its features, working, etc; all you have to do is go for the purchase under any of the respective licenses that suits your need. Once you make purchase, an activation code will be received that will help you to activate the tool as a licensed version for a lifelong duration.

Repair SQL Database Backup File the Right Way

SQL Server Scripts are one of the possible procedures of restoring databases as well as their backups stuck with inaccessibility due to an unknown issue. If you are amongst such users who have been facing issues at accessing their backup files then refer below:

It is considered possible to restore backup file SQL Server 2008 database using a shared or manually created script. This script is used on applications like Enterprise Manager, Maintenance Plans, Query Analyzer, etc.

Just use the script you have like;

Alter Database db_Name



FROM DISK = ‘D:\dbName.bak’

Unfortunately, you cannot use scripts to restore backup file SQL Server 2008 database affected with corruption of any level. And the respective limitation makes it necessary for the users to perform restoration procedure using SQL Backup Recovery tool rendered by our esteemed organization to receive satisfactory and desirable outcomes.