How to Restore Data From Corrupted MDF BAK File of SQL Server 2012 With All Records?

Step 1 » Download and install free DEMO version of SQL Backup Recovery Software on your system

Step 2 » Click on Load button. Browse to the position where the damaged SQL BAK database is located. Select the .bak database, click "Load".

Step 3 » Select the MS SQL Server version you are running then click "OK".

Step 4 » Now select which SQL Backup to recover. If you have more than one .bak file created in different time frame, then choose the one that is suitable for your situation.

Step 5 » Then the tool will demonstrate you a compiled list of all the components that has been recovered from that backup database. Now click "Close".

Step 6 » Now on the screen of the machine user will be able to see in detail all backup database components that has been recovered (Tables, Triggers, Stored Procedures etc). Analyze carefully and after satisfaction, click on "Export" button.

Step 7 » Now on the screen you need to input your choice. In "Export To/As" field whether you desire to straight export the recovered DB or just want to save the recovered database at a particular location as a SQL Server compatible Script file. If you choose the former one you require to mention full database identification. In the lower left corner of the software you have the choice to send/save selected Tables/View/Procedure, else select all. In the lower right corner underneath "Export" option you need to mention whether you want to send the selected database with schema attached. Click Export/Save to proceed next.

Step 8 » Now the software will prompt user with message stating whether he wish to export the deleted records as well, choose one that meets your needs and proceed further by clicking on Yes or No button

Step 9 » The next screen will come with a message that connection to database server is successful. Click "OK" to proceed next.

Step 10 » Wait for the export process to get completed.

Step 11 » Now the software will ask the user if they need the details of the whole process in a separate Excel file (.csv). Provide with Yes/No input to move to the next step.

Step 12 » Please give the location where you want to save as CSV file format.

Step 13 » Now the software will show you a location of saved BAK file as CSV format.

Step 14 » Now close application and use your recovered BAK file.