Restore MS SQL Database BAK File with Absolute Ease

“I backed up around 12 GB of my SQL Server database to an external hard drive and the process completed successfully. When I tried copying the backup to archive Server, I encountered an error that states that the BAK file is unreadable or corrupt. Only 56% of the database was copied to the Server and after backing up the data, I deleted the database from Server so that space for new database can be generated.

I made all attempts to get back my lost database including un-deleting it from Server to scanning the external hard drive with chkdsk command. Is there is any other way that my SQL Backup Files Restore? Please help.”

This is a clients’ query that is being inquired by support team. If something similar is your problem too, then get our SQL Backup Recovery software that will give a foolproof way to repair damaged BAK file database. The tool is developed with fail-resistant techniques that ensure complete recovery of data from SQL backup BAK file with its security maintained.


Key Features: Tool that Repair Damaged SQL BAK File

  • The software gives option to recover almost all items of SQL server that are being backed up in BAK file.
  • The tool to restore MS SQL database BAK file permits exporting recovered SQL backup database on SQL server or as SQL compatible scripts.
  • The resultant (tables/views/stored procedure) can be saved as with schema or without schema as per the user need.
  • The software recovers primary (MDF) and secondary (NDF) and log file (LDF) SQL server database from the backup BAK files with efficiency.


Download Freeware for Performance Analysis:

The software is rendered with free trial version so that capability of the tool can be checked out before final investment. The freeware permits users to restore MS SQL database BAK file but does not allow saving it.